No Dark Days Here

Friendship is serious business at Atlas Manufacturing.

Atlas keeps a rigorous schedule, during the economic downturn, the company never changed its production schedule. On Fridays last summer and fall, when other companies would shut down or operate with a skeleton crew, Atlas kept its pace. It was business as usual. And since January 2009 they have been running three shift s, seven days a week. “We run when everyone else is dark,” said Mark. It was a bold move. But it worked. There is something about a company that keeps moving forward, even during challenging economic times, that lures new business.


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Xavier has always been captivated by the intricate dance between technology and manufacturing. His journey began in Minnesota, working for a local manufacturing company, and this early experience laid the foundation for his deep-rooted connection to the industry. With a family legacy in manufacturing, Xavier's insights are enriched by both personal and professional experiences. Over the years, he has dedicated himself to exploring and writing about the transformative impact of technology on the manufacturing sector. As a guest blogger on Atlas Manufacturing, Xavier shares his unique perspective, weaving together stories of innovation, tradition, and the future of manufacturing.