Sheet Metal Punching

Precision Sheet Metal Punching

Flat metal sheets are one of the most adaptable and commonly utilized manufacturing materials, with usefulness in almost any industry. Every brand, however, has special needs regarding the desired shape and thickness of metal sheets. To get the metal shapes you want, it's crucial to work with a trustworthy precision sheet metal punching service provider. Doing so is ideal for businesses needing a large quantity for bulk orders as it enables cost savings in comparison to other metal fabrication processes.

Atlas Manufacturing is a top-rated OEM manufacturer that specializes in precision metal punching services. We manufacture precision metal components for the telecommunications, retail, computer, electronic data racking and enclosure, industrial products, medical, and commercial applications industries.

For every metal project we work on, we use high-speed punching systems from Trumpf to offer the most affordable sheet metal punching services available.


Atlas Manufacturing Metal Punching Process

We provide the highest-quality and quickest automated punching services currently offered in the market with our best-in-class machinery and tried-and-true techniques.

We are a leading manufacturing company because of our unmatched methods and ability to transform metal sheets into functional parts or components that meet every brand's manufacturing needs.

The following are incorporated into our flat sheet metal punching process to ensure that we deliver metal sheets of the highest quality that are appropriate for your brand's product specifications and manufacturing requirements:

  • Features: Our punching methods can form barrel hinges, embosses, lances, offsets, stiffening ribs, and other 3D shapes.
  • Metal blanking: We can perform sheet blanking, which is the process of removing metal from the primary metal strip or sheet when it is punched, on iron, aluminum, copper, brass, or other specific alloys that meet your needs. We use high-tech punches and matrices for this process.
  • Metal threading: Our metal threading is a procedure that makes helical grooves on the metal so you can attach it to another workpiece and use it for particular items your company requires without the need of adding a captive fastener.
  • Sheet metal bending: We have punch presses that are capable of bending tabs and flanged to achieve the desired form or shape needed for your manufacturing process, thus eliminating secondary bending methods.
  • Sheet metal punching: Our method entails inserting a punch die forcefully into the sheet metal workpiece, which shears the metal and creates a shaped feature. Our CNC punching services and punch press services can handle any punching application that your brand requires.
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Why Choose Atlas Manufacturing?

We are a privately owned business that was founded in 1962 and has more than 75,000 square feet of manufacturing space, the equipment, and the know-how to complete almost any sheet metal punching project. We are a high-touch business that cultivates enduring bonds with our customers and we specialize in tasks that call for a mixed manufacturing model with several SKUs.

We utilize Trumpf punch technology with multiple machines throughout our facilities. To ensure we have unparalleled efficiency, quality, and turnaround time through unattended lights-out operation, we utilize the fully automated Trumpf 5000S12 — a new and efficient machine for punch press and sheet metal services — and combine it with industry-leading tools, including:

  • 39 Shelf Stopa Material Tower
  • GripMaster
  • SheetMaster
  • SortMaster
  • Tool Master Linear Tool Changer

As a leading supplier of metal sheet solutions, we are flexible and opportunistic. We have the flexibility to adjust and react to shifting client demands and market dynamics, which is why we have cutting-edge tools and equipment to stay ahead of the competition.

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We continue to uphold our promise of complex fabricated metal sourcing: simplified, given how important sheet metals are for many companies and how difficult it is to find the ideal metal products to meet the brand's needs. We have a team of professionals that are dedicated to giving our customers access to high-quality sheet metals quickly and efficiently.
At Atlas, we work hard to deliver products of uncompromising quality to our consumers. Contact us today and learn more about how our sheet metal stamping and punching services can help you achieve your manufacturing goals.