Retail Displays/Kiosks

We believe that creating custom sheet metal is an art or craft. Like any art, it requires skill and practice. Thus, we employ expert artists to ensure you receive your sheet metal exactly as you ordered. You can tell us what you need, and our master artisans will craft them for you with excellent precision and care.

As a leading custom sheet metal fabrication company in North America, we transform flat metal sheet stock into customized products for the OEM market. With highly trained and experienced technicians, our commitment is to provide our customers with high-quality custom sheet metal parts to shape their brand with excellence and pride.

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Special Store Displays

We offer special store displays that are customizable to meet your needs and deliver high-ranking brand awareness. We precisely form metals to ensure you have an outstanding retail display that boosts product sales. Our team of professionals is more than capable of designing, prototyping, and producing the shell for your store displays that is made especially for your brand — helping you stay on top of your market competition. We collaborate with retail environments and specialized businesses that integrate our metal shells with graphics and electronics.

We have years of experience in providing precision sheet metal solutions with a track record of success in developing special store displays that help businesses achieve their brand awareness and product sales goals. We make your creative vision for your brand come to life. We execute the whole manufacturing process for your retail display design. Our expert team is equipped to design and develop distinctive retail spaces with our proficiency in working with a range of metal materials. Many of our products are displayed in major big box stores that range from cosmetics, electronics, and home improvement.

Atlas Manufacturing: Shaping Retail Visions into Metallic Reality

When a store fixture company envisioned a display for Indian Motorcycles, they turned to the expertise of Atlas Manufacturing. We specialize in transforming creative concepts into tangible, high-quality metal fixtures. This project highlights our ability to listen, interpret, and deliver on the specifications of our clients, ensuring their vision for retail spaces comes to life with precision and flair.

Our role in crafting this display was a collaborative journey, where we applied our advanced metalworking skills to materialize the client's design. Through processes like laser cutting, precision bending, powder coating, and meticulous assembly, we turned sheets of metal into an elegant and sturdy display unit. It is this partnership with fixture companies that drives us to excel, supporting their creativity with our technical prowess.


Kiosk Fabrication

We are your one-stop shop for kiosk fabrication — offering you top-of-the-line kiosks that your clients and customers will love. We create specialized kiosk displays that satisfy your practical needs while promoting your brand to existing and prospective clients. Our professional design and fabrication experts produce distinct kiosks and can build any kiosk concept utilizing metal to fulfill your demands.

Our engineers meticulously develop the structural, functional, and user-interface criteria for the kiosk to guarantee that every component produces remarkable results that meet your needs. Once the project enters the manufacturing phase, we examine it at every stage of the procedure to ensure quality control and impeccable craftsmanship that meets and exceeds your demands. We produce the structured shell that contains your proprietary electronic elements.

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Completed kiosks

Work With Atlas

We are a top-ranked metal sheet manufacturing company. We are purpose-driven, committed to shaping the metal that supports our customers’ brands, and dedicated to delivering outstanding outcomes that satisfy our customers fully. We are a top choice due to our innovation and quick response times. We also engage in ongoing efforts to reform and modernize our business practices and technological infrastructure.

We take pride in our company's brand promise of simplifying complex fabricated metal sourcing and our commitment to making our clients' metal sourcing operations simpler and more efficient. Atlas is certified to ISO 9001:2015, so you know that your product will always be built with the highest quality.

We have the experience and ability to design and produce a product that exactly meets your wants and needs. Contact us today and learn more about how our precision metal sheet solutions can help you achieve greater business success.