Our Story

Since 1962, the Atlas Foundation has been, “how we do anything is how we do everything”. We are committed to providing high-quality and efficient manufacturing services to our customers.

From the beginning of the quote process, we ensure that the correct fabrication resources are used and costs are carefully calculated. We invest in the best fabrication equipment available and constantly look for ways to improve our production methods.

We take a unique approach to quality control, building quality into the production process rather than relying on a separate inspection department. We have a flat management structure with engaged leaders, which fosters collaboration and innovation.

In terms of logistics, we are flexible and can accommodate customer needs by offering services such as vendor-managed inventory, Kanban pulls, and discrete shipments. Our new fleet of dock trucks provides regional delivery directly to our customers. Our experienced assembly team assembles complex arrays of components, and we routinely assemble customer-supplied components along with a myriad of purchased components; all resulting in a value-driven assembly delivered in our trucks directly to our customer’s dock.

We value our employees and encourage collaboration and idea-sharing to achieve optimal customer outcomes. We carefully select customers that align with our values and prioritize open communication and transparency throughout our operations.


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