Tower Server Chassis

Tower server chassis for OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) are specialized server enclosures that are designed to be used by companies that manufacture servers and related equipment. These chassis are usually sold as standalone products or as part of a larger system that includes server motherboards, power supplies, and other components.

Unlike desktop computer cases, tower server chassis are typically larger, more robust, and designed to accommodate the high-performance components required for server applications.


Custom Solutions

Our tower server chassis are designed to be highly customizable, with options for different types of motherboards, power supplies, and storage devices. They may also offer features such as hot-swappable drive bays, redundant power supplies, and advanced cooling systems to ensure reliable and efficient operation of the server hardware.

We offer a range of tower server options and customization services for OEMs, allowing them to develop custom solutions that meet the specific needs and requirements of their customers.

Why Atlas Manufacturing Should Fabricate Your Tower Server Chassis

There are several benefits of our tower server chassis:

  • Custom: Stand-alone rack-configured servers allow customization for specific needs.
  • Few space constraints: Easily able to install additional drives.
  • Heat dissipation: Tower servers have low component density and are easy to dissipate and cool.

These chassis are often built to strict specifications and are subject to rigorous testing and quality control to ensure that they meet the requirements of the OEMs and their customers. They are also designed to be easily integrated into larger server systems, with features such as tool-less drive installation and cable management to simplify assembly and maintenance.

Overall, our tower server enclosures are an essential component in the production of high-quality, reliable server systems that are used by businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Call Atlas Manufacturing for Your Metal Fabrication Needs

High-quality materials and components, precision engineering, and thorough testing are essential for ensuring that tower servers meet performance and reliability standards. Our well-designed tower server enclosures can also contribute to efficient cooling and power management, which can help reduce costs and improve system uptime.

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