Data Centers

Do you build equipment for data centers? These highly sophisticated and sensitive facilities require not only digital but also physical protection.

Through our metal sheet fabrication services, we can build the physical infrastructure needed to support and enclose your data storage systems. Contact our team now so we can start building metal frames and chassis that perfectly fit your data center.


Modern Data Center Steel Enclosures 

Data center enclosures, also known as server enclosures or server cabinets, are specialized cabinets or racks designed to house and protect computer servers and other IT equipment in a data center or server room environment.

Since these data centers house confidential and critical digital information and networks, we ensure that our metal enclosures provide ample protection. Our enclosures provide physical security for IT equipment by preventing unauthorized access and protecting it from environmental factors such as dust, humidity, and temperature fluctuations. They can also help to organize and optimize the use of space within a data center by providing a centralized location for server and networking equipment.

Data center enclosures can vary in size and design, depending on the specific needs and requirements of the data center. They can range from small enclosures that house a single server to large cabinets that can accommodate multiple servers, switches, and other networking equipment.

Some key features of data center enclosures may include cable management, cooling systems, power distribution units (PDUs), and locking mechanisms to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, data center enclosures may also incorporate features to improve energy efficiency and reduce cooling costs, such as air flow management and optimized venting.

Top-class Metal Manipulation Capabilities

Our goal is to shape the metal behind your brand. Our engineers use Solidworks to efficiently structure the metal fabrication process and provide short turnaround times. These systems help ensure that there is no flaw in the metal enclosure design and that data center security is guaranteed.

Call Atlas Manufacturing to Get the Best Data Center Enclosure

From decades-long experience to custom designs, we have what it takes to be your precision metal fabrication service provider. Whatever data center design you have in mind, we can build the perfect metal enclosure for it. Our advanced equipment allows us to cater to the needs of multiple data centers simultaneously. Contact us now at (612) 331-2566 or request a quote online.