Retail Beverage Dispensing Steel Chassis

Are you an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of beverage dispensers? Our team of professionals can craft the perfect steel chassis for your retail beverage dispensing units. Contact us now so we can help you take your product from a vision to reality.

Retail Beverage Dispensing Steel Chassis Solutions

A retail beverage dispensing steel chassis is a type of equipment used to dispense and serve beverages in a commercial setting, such as a restaurant, bar, or convenience store. The steel chassis serves as the framework for the beverage dispensing system and is designed to hold and support the various components required for the dispensing process.

A retail beverage dispensing steel chassis plays an important role in the efficient and effective dispensing of beverages in a commercial setting. By providing a durable and functional framework for the dispensing system, it can help to ensure that customers receive high-quality beverages in a timely and consistent manner.

We manufacture sheet metal frames for all kinds of drink dispensers. Whether you need a milk, beer, juice, wine, or water dispenser, we can create the right steel chassis for it.


Industry Experience

Since 1962, we have been making steel chassis and offering other metal fabrication services to various manufacturers. This includes OEMs in the food and beverage industry. Our experience allows us to develop best practices in forming, welding, stamping, punching, powder coating, and assembling steel sheets for different kinds of applications.

We have worked with several food and beverage industry leaders throughout the decades. This enables us to deliver what high-value customers want and gives us an edge over competitors who lack an extensive portfolio.

Client-Centered Approach

We meet and exceed customer expectations. Our brand promise is to make complex fabricated metal sourcing simpler for you. We’ll look at your product sketch or layout, inquire about your desired specifications, and bring your envisioned beverage dispenser chassis to reality.

We take each customer review and all feedback seriously as these allow us to develop new methods and provide better services.

Top-tier Personnel and Equipment

Our 75,000 square feet manufacturing space can accommodate even the largest beverage dispenser chassis order. All these assets allow us to accurately incorporate your preferred chassis specifications into the models we build and deliver metal fabrication solutions quickly and cost-effectively.

Furthermore, we are compliant with the ISO9001-2015 quality assurance guidelines, so you can rest assured that the metal sheets we produce are of top quality.

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To get high-quality stainless steel chassis for your beverage dispensers, you should partner with a metal fabrication service provider that can integrate precision metal assemblies into your products.

From our long industry experience to our advanced equipment, we at Atlas Manufacturing can build the perfect metal frame chassis for you. Request a quote now by contacting us today.