Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

Medical industry original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) contact us to supply medical cart and enclosure assemblies, medical storage carts, and general-purpose cart assemblies. As a trusted medical accessories manufacturer, our company maintains strict quality standards with expertise and integrity.

SS Medical Enclosure
SS Medical Enclosure 2

Carts and Metal Enclosures

We manufacture customized medical carts to carry surgical tools, store medications, and hold medical devices. Our medical multi-purpose carts are designed to serve a wide range of treatment and procedure applications in hospitals, surgical centers, doctor’s offices, dental and oral surgery practices. We provide an easy to clean, durable solution to re-position items around your facility.

Custom-made OEM Products for Your Unique Needs

Medical facilities need specialized equipment to serve within their particular area of patient care effectively and efficiently. Having a specialty cart or cabinet to assist with this treatment is crucial.

Medical equipment carts require top-notch expertise and the ability to deliver each product with precision and accuracy. Thus, we offer a wide range of products, which we can customize to meet accurate specifications and requirements.

Precision Manufactured Metal Parts for Medical Devices — Simplified

We provide quality and efficient solutions to simplify the production of medical equipment carts. Our team has decades of experience in their respective fields, which allows us to offer outstanding customer service and excellent product quality!

Contact Atlas Manufacturing for Your Unique Needs

We not only meet but exceed your expectations. Our solutions are cost-effective and designed to maximize efficiency within your medical facility. Regardless of the complexity and size of your products, we strive to adhere to your budget requirements. As your partner, we are qualified to help you configure medical workstations that fit the workflow throughout your facility.

To request a quote or ask for more information, send us an email at or call us at (612) 331-2566.