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Why Choose Atlas Manufacturing?

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    Precision fabrication:

    Envision the flawless execution of your designs, as our tight tolerances ensure precision and accuracy in every piece of metal we fabricate.

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    Experienced staff:

    Trust in the expertise and experience of our knowledgeable and dedicated team, who bring your ideas to life with precision and care.

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    Quality assurance:

    Feel confident knowing our ISO 9001:2015 compliant quality inspections guarantee the highest standards for each piece of metal.

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    Long-lasting relationships:

    Experience the warmth and support of our personalized and specialized attention, as we form lasting partnerships with our clients.

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    Customer-focused approach:

    Appreciate our unwavering commitment to simplifying the complex process of fabricated metal sourcing for our customers.

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    Comprehensive services:

    Embrace the convenience of our complete contract manufacturing services, including precision sheet metal fabrication, powder coating, engineering and design, assembly and logistics support, and machining.

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    Best-in-class technology

    Picture your projects, propelled by our cutting-edge technology and equipment for efficient and cost-effective fabrication solutions.

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    Innovative solutions:

    Stay ahead with our cutting-edge solutions, tailored to meet your needs, as we continually strive to be innovative and responsive.

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    Join an organization that values its customers, employees, and community, and actively engages in community involvement.

Our Comprehensive Services

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Precision Sheet Metal

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Powder Coating

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Engineering and Design

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Assembly and Logistics

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What Our
Clients Say

“For over 20 years, we have partnered with Atlas for developing custom sheet metal enclosures that allow our team seamless integration of electronic components.  Their design team collaborates with our technical team to produce cost effective outcomes.  From simple box enclosures to elaborate kiosk designs, our teams become integrated for unique hardware designs.”

-Andy Rosendahl

"Atlas has been an instrumental partner in the design and manufacturing of metal enclosures for a dominant pizza franchise.  From the initial design, through fabrication, Atlas has exceeded expectations every step of the way. Product design utilized unique custom features such as, integrated enclosure hinges allowing for simple and easy access to the electronics powering the technology inside.  In addition, a foldable keyboard tray with silk screened brand logo illustrating the creative talent that helps deliver their brand image prominently. Ceiling pole mounts for the displays, printer stands, order stations, makeline and cut table enclosures all were collaboratively designed by the Atlas engineering team. Franchise upgrade refresh and new locations all benefit from the unique hardware produced by Atlas."

-Jason Potts - Inergy Creative

Pioneering Supercomputing in Space

Atlas Manufacturing and the Spaceborne Computer Atlas Manufacturing is playing a crucial role in advancing supercomputing technology in space through our collaboration on the Spaceborne program. With our expertise in high-precision manufacturing, Atlas has crafted the critical housing for the Spaceborne Computer, which has successfully orbited the Earth over 8,900 times aboard the International Space…

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The Buy American Act and Buy America Requirements – For Sheet Metal Manufacturing

In the intricate world of sheet metal manufacturing, understanding the nuances of governmental procurement regulations is paramount. One such set of regulations that holds significant sway over the industry is the Buy American Act and Buy America requirements. These regulations, though distinct, share a common goal: to bolster domestic manufacturing and support American industries. Today,…

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