Logistics Support

Atlas has been at the forefront of precision metal fabrication since 1962. Committed to the delivery of quality customized metal solutions, our company offers support in all aspects of the supply chain. We offer logistics assistance to help you minimize organizational load, stay on schedule, and source your fabricated products at a minimum cost.

Reach out now and experience logistics support that keeps your supply chain going in Minneapolis and Chippewa Falls.

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Warehouse Management for Perpetual Supply Chain Availability

Warehouse management can add to your company's list of processes — and it is one of the logistics processes we handle for you.

Our unique approach to warehouse management not only ensures your supply chain's availability, but also customizes procedures for managing and distributing inventory. With our warehousing capabilities, you'll position yourself as a company that's always ready to cater to customers.

Contact us today to learn more about our warehousing capacity and services.

Build-to-forecast Capability Whenever You Need It Most

We keep our precision metal products available for your procurement. We do this with our innovative build-to-forecast strategy and capability.

When you choose Atlas, you're guaranteed more than quality metal solutions. You will also experience product availability that helps you cater to every demand.

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Company-owned Trucking Support That Moves Your Orders Quickly and Efficiently

From maintaining your inventory in our warehouse to moving it wherever you need it, we have the trucking support for your logistics needs.

Our trucking services have been efficiently moving supplies from our factories to our clients since 1962. Incorporating the latest trends in logistics support, our transportation of finished products has grown more efficient.

Our trucks and transportation support equipment range from smaller trucks to 30-foot-long box trucks. Our box trucks are speedy, durable, and able to deliver large orders wherever and whenever you need them most.

Logistic Support That's Available and Keeps You Informed

We do more than deliver or keep your finished products in store. Our logistics support also comes with logistics assistance.

Our logistics assistance keeps you updated on your order's status. From the date of production to the time of transportation, we will inform you of everything that goes on with your shipments.

If we are warehousing your inventory for you, our logistics support specialist is also on standby to provide real-time information on your inventory.

International customers benefit from our experienced logistics staff.

Logistics Support for Your Needs in Minneapolis and Chippewa Falls

Precision lies at the heart of everything we do — including our logistics activities.

Choose a company that exudes precision in every aspect of the logistics process. Contact us today and experience our unique logistics support and management processes — guaranteed to optimize your operations.