IT Enclosures

IT Enclosures

At Atlas Manufacturing, we offer scaled custom manufacturing of IT enclosures for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a startup or a large corporation, your IT infrastructure will benefit from the protection and quality of our custom IT enclosures.

We manufacture custom enclosures and shelves for all IT and industrial environments. We are your go-to sheet metal fabrication solution for all enclosures.

We have them all, from durable and compact flat boxes to wall-mount enclosures capable of holding your most robust components. For quality enclosure craftsmanship bolstered by sheet metal, look no further. Reach out and get precision fabricated IT and wall mount enclosures.

Custom Server Racks

Engineered Wall-mountable IT Enclosures for Maximum Durability and Capacity

IT components are the backbone of every IT infrastructure. Recognizing this, we produce the best and most durable wall-mount enclosures.

Our wall-mounted enclosures boast premium quality and craftsmanship. Engineered to perfection, our custom wall-mounted enclosures will protect and hold your IT equipment — whatever the dimensions or weight.

By choosing our sheet metal solutions, you can expect precision from the front of every wall-mounting plate to the rear.

Quality and Durable Server Racks for Even the Harshest Industrial Environments

Server racks are some of the most versatile IT enclosures every business can have. Coming in various dimensions, these racks hold valuable components to keep servers in peak working order.

Unfortunately, most server racks fall into disrepair due to substandard materials. Also, racks follow a design that may leave components exposed to the elements.

Our custom-built racks are a far cry from ordinary enclosures. Our unique sheet metal fabrication and design give customers enclosures that resemble cabinets. With our server racks, your IT equipment and servers get a bulwark of protection from moisture, dust, and even sound.

IT Enclosures Designed to Your Needs and Specifications

Many server racks and wall-mounted IT enclosures are the products of mass manufacturing, meaning they follow uniform designs that leave no room for flexibility.

Part of our philosophy is to manufacture and design based on what the customer wants. Our manufacturing and design process factors in everything you want in a rack or enclosure.

Whether it's an additional mounting plate, enclosure dimension, or ports for cable entry, we are ready to accommodate any design tweak you have. Look no further for a sheet fabrication solution that designs for and with you.

Contact us today for a free estimate of our IT cabinets and wall-mounted IT enclosures.

Modifications at Your Request

Our commitment to our customers, employees, and community is the driving force behind our success. From day one, we have been focused on being responsive, and innovative to solve our clients' needs. These core values make us the premier sheet metal fabricator in North America.

Beyond that, you will love us for the following reasons:


Our industry expertise provides precisely fabricated metal sheets that give you a competitive edge in your business.

Timely Delivery

We ensure on-time delivery to meet your target and keep your business rolling.

Customer Satisfaction

Committed to fabricating any product imaginable, Atlas Manufacturing guarantees satisfaction for every customer.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for low-volume prototypes and cost savings for high-volume production runs.

Full Service Beyond Sheet Metal Fabrication Under One Roof

Besides sheet metal fabrication, you can expect other services as part of our full-stack supply chain solutions. As part of our added services, we also provide logistic support. Our logistics support service takes care of warehousing, packaging, and shipment.

Our trucking services ensure that you receive your shipments on time. Besides ensuring the prompt delivery of your IT enclosures, our team maintains the utmost security of your orders, meaning you receive everything in mint condition.

Also, we ensure that our customers can keep track of their orders with our logistics assistance. With it, you can reach out and ask for shipment updates.

Experience Precision IT Enclosure Fabrication With Atlas

Every customer's needs are at the heart of what we do. For IT enclosures and accessories made at scale and for your needs, reach out today. Send an email to or call our experts today at (612) 331-2566 for a quote.