Wireway Trellis Kits

Almost seven billion people own portable computing devices like smartphones. While accessible, these mobile computers lack the high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities that top tech companies require. These companies use supercomputers that are interconnected with power and cabling. If you manufacture these systems, you know that they need wireway metal trellis support to work efficiently and flawlessly.

Atlas Manufacturing can build robust metal sheet wireways for you. With our precision metal fabrication capabilities, we can mold wireway barrier kits that architecturally match the finish and look of your computer’s exterior trim.

Wireway Trellis Kits Precision Metal Fabrication

We are an industry leader when it comes to precision metal fabrication. Since 1962, we have been supplying sheet metal solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the computer and server industries. Each frame, wire, bolt, and bracket we build is made of either high-quality stainless steel or alloy, so you can be sure that our solutions are made to last.

Furthermore, our expansive production facility spans over 75,000 square feet, allowing us to cater to large orders of NEMA type wireway frames and various computer mounting components. In addition, we have established strong partnerships with reputable suppliers of raw materials, guaranteeing a constant availability of stock and eliminating any potential production delays.

Atlas Manufacturing: Best Steel Frame Supplier for Wireway Trellis Kit Manufacturers

While there are other metal fabricators in the country, there are none as qualified to help you build USA barrier kits as us.

Vast Industry Experience

For over half a century, we have been helping HPC computer manufacturers with their metal trellis frame needs. Whether you need a SEKF UPC barrier kit or a SEKKL UPC barrier kit with K or F frame, we’ve got you covered.

Throughout the years, we also developed best practices on how to build wireway barrier kits with various form factors and designs. Ultimately, our long industry experience makes us adaptable and efficient in shaping metal frames for our clients.

Modern Fabrication Tools

We invest in advanced equipment and software. This boosts our manufacturing capabilities and allows us to continue meeting our clients’ steel item expectations. Some of the tools we use are the Salvagnini L3 Fiber laser cutter, the Trumpf 5000S12 metal puncher, and the MIG system robotic welder.

Our engineers likewise utilize software solutions like SolidWorks. This program enables them to create accurate 3D models of our clients’ desired metal trellis frames. It also allows them to make precise measurements on the length of each wire, placement of holes, and height of mounting brackets.

Custom Metal Solutions

HPC computers manufactured for specific tech companies need tailor-fit wireway trellis kits. This is why we build custom metal frames that perfectly fit each computer system. Likewise, we can design a wireway frame that matches the aesthetics of your client’s data centers, whether they have a black or green wall.

Our engineers will examine your submitted wire feed through, bolt on, steel type, and other fabrication requirements. Then, after making some adjustments and refinements, they will bring your desired metal sheet frame to life.

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From vast experience to custom solutions, we have what it takes to satisfy all your precision fabrication wireway trellis kit needs. Contact us at (612) 331-2566 or request a quote online.