Sheet Metal Forming

We offer precision sheet metal forming for a variety of industrial needs. Metals must be precisely formed to satisfy your product specifications.

  • Savagnini Panel Bending
  • Robotic Bending
  • 40 ton to 230 ton Press Brakes

Panel Bender

If you are looking for sheet metal forming for your manufacturing needs in the areas of telecommunications, retail store fixtures, computers, electronic data racks and enclosures, industrial products, medical devices, and commercial applications, we have you covered.

We are a top-ranked sheet metal solutions provider, and we take pride in our world-class sheet metal forming process. Remember that even with the most advanced bending machine, creating a three-dimensional form out of a two-dimensional flat blank requires skills and experience. Our top-notch machinery and skilled workers enable us to produce sheet metal parts and sheet metal components that meet and surpass your specification requirements.

We form the metal to support your brand and satisfy your needs. By utilizing best in class Bystronic press brakes and Salvagnini panel bending, we have the machines and the know-how to turn 2D blanks into precise 3D forms.

We Provide More Than Metal

We are a trusted manufacturer that specializes in high precision, aesthetically completed sheet metal fabrication for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). We offer full-service contract manufacturing, from CAD models, comprehensive design documentation, and laser cutting to complex shapes and complex assemblies, our team implements widespread product rollout.

We take pride in our vertical integration, which begins when a flat blank of material is delivered from the material service center and extends through metal shaping, welding, powder coating, and assembly. Throughout this entire process, we offer a comprehensive range of services. Our efficiency in completing jobs is a source of great satisfaction for us.

Our customers depend on us because we have the passion and expertise in sheet metal forming, press brake forming, and panel bending that they need.

Why Choose Atlas Manufacturing for Your Sheet Metal Forming Needs

We have a proven track record of success in assisting companies in achieving their manufacturing goals through our reliable, tried-and-true sheet metal forming process. We provide precisely crafted solutions that form the metal supporting your brand because we want to be a business that matters to our customers, employees, and community.

  • Innovative: We focus on being innovative and responsive. We pursue efforts to transform and modernize our processes and technology.
  • Customer-focused: Our brand promise, complex fabricated metal sourcing: simplified, drives how we continue to do business. We are dedicated to assisting our customers in acquiring metals that satisfy all of their production demands.
  • Opportunistic and flexible: As a top manufacturing company, we are proud of being opportunistic and flexible. We constantly adapt and respond to changing customer needs and market conditions.
  • Community-focused: We have an unbreakable commitment to our employees, customers, and community, and we focus on being an organization that matters.

Partner With Atlas Manufacturing

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