Going Vertical


Continuous operation is achieved through a new automated material handling system, optimizing high-speed laser cutting and punching operations. Atlas has installed a twin tower Stopa TKL automated material storage and retrieval system. Reaching seventeen feet high and containing 39 storage positions, this custom configuration was designed by Trumpf automation engineers to effortlessly move raw material to the punching or laser cutting machines. Capable of storing 250,000 pounds of raw material, the tower interacts with the machine when material demand is required. Through sophisticated software and material carts, sheets of raw material can move from the tower to the punch or laser. Because of the unique features of this system, punched sheets can move through the cart system to the laser where they are precision located on Trumpf’s first 2030 laser with precision sheet locating. Punching and laser cutting are performed 24 hours per day, seven days a week.


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