Introducing the Atlas Fleet

The Atlas delivery fleet is used for fast and reliable delivery of precision sheet metal solutions to locations in Minnesota and western Wisconsin. The fleet operates with Class A CDL drivers employed by Atlas for a higher quality delivery experience. With their own delivery fleet, Atlas is able to ensure a safe delivery by loading and unloading all of their precision sheet metal solutions to customers with their own highly trained staff.

The bulk of the fleet consists of three late model dock trucks. A “Cube Van” acts as the primary delivery vehicle for the precision sheet metal solutions in the Chippewa Falls area. Rounding out the fleet with the smaller tasks is the Atlas delivery van.

Tractor trailers are also leased and operated by Atlas for larger deliveries. Custom delivery solutions can be provided, such as a continuous train of ABF pup trailers to one customer in the Carolinas. The trailer is docked and slowly filled; when it reaches capacity, ABF picks up the trailer for delivery and drops off a new one to begin packing.


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