Finding Ways to be Green

Atlas is excited about finding new ways to be green. Our vision is: Be responsive. Be innovative. Be an organization that matters to customers, employees and our community. We believe that mattering to our community includes being environmentally friendly. With most powder coating operations, there is overspray waste that often times ends up in landfills. According to, it is estimated that there is enough waste powder paint sent to the landfill each year in the United States to bury New York City in seven feet of powder. That is just below the average annual snowfall of the whole state of Michigan. Atlas has taken the initiative to start recycling powder waste through Surplus Coatings in July 2016 and has kept a total of 28,990 pounds of powder waste out of the local landfills! Surplus Coatings re-manufactures, blends or mixes the powder waste so it can be used in a variety of new products.


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